Database installer structure.

Defines basic Backdrop requirements for databases.


Expanded class hierarchy of DatabaseTasks


core/includes/, line 269
API functions for installing modules and themes.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
DatabaseTasks::$connectionRefusedErrorCode protected property Error code when the connection is refused.
DatabaseTasks::$databaseNotFoundErrorCode protected property Error code for "Unknown database" error.
DatabaseTasks::$pdoDriver protected property The PDO driver name for MySQL and equivalent databases.
DatabaseTasks::$results protected property Results from tasks.
DatabaseTasks::$tasks protected property Structure that describes each task to run.
DatabaseTasks::checkEngineVersion protected function Check the engine version.
DatabaseTasks::checkUtf8mb4 protected function Check the engine version.
DatabaseTasks::connect protected function Check if we can connect to the database.
DatabaseTasks::fail protected function Assert test as failed.
DatabaseTasks::getFormOptions public function Return driver specific configuration options.
DatabaseTasks::hasPdoDriver protected function Ensure the PDO driver is supported by the version of PHP in use.
DatabaseTasks::installable public function Check whether Backdrop is installable on the database.
DatabaseTasks::minimumVersion public function Return the minimum required version of the engine.
DatabaseTasks::name abstract public function Return the human-readable name of the driver.
DatabaseTasks::pass protected function Assert test as a pass.
DatabaseTasks::runTasks public function Run database tasks and tests to see if Backdrop can run on the database.
DatabaseTasks::runTestQuery protected function Run SQL tests to ensure the database can execute commands with the current user.
DatabaseTasks::validateDatabaseSettings public function Validates driver specific configuration settings.