1 file.inc file_unmanaged_delete_recursive($path)

Deletes all files and directories in the specified filepath recursively.

If the specified path is a directory then the function will call itself recursively to process the contents. Once the contents have been removed the directory will also be removed.

If the specified path is a file then it will be passed to file_unmanaged_delete().

Note that this only deletes visible files with write permission.


$path: A string containing either an URI or a file or directory path.

Return value

TRUE for success or if path does not exist, FALSE in the event of an: error.

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core/includes/file.inc, line 1434
API for handling file uploads and server file management.


function file_unmanaged_delete_recursive($path) {
  if (is_dir($path)) {
    $dir = dir($path);
    while (($entry = $dir->read()) !== FALSE) {
      if ($entry == '.' || $entry == '..') {
      $entry_path = $path . '/' . $entry;

    return backdrop_rmdir($path);
  return file_unmanaged_delete($path);