Tests for locale.module.




Namesort descending Description
LocaleBrowserDetectionTest Test browser language detection.
LocaleCommentLanguageFunctionalTest Functional tests for comment language.
LocaleConfigurationTest Functional tests for language configuration's effect on negotiation setup.
LocaleContentFunctionalTest Functional tests for multilingual support on nodes.
LocaleDateFormatsFunctionalTest Functional tests for localizing date formats.
LocaleExportFunctionalTest Functional tests for the export of translation files.
LocaleImportFunctionalTest Functional tests for the import of translation files.
LocaleInstallTest Tests for the st() function.
LocaleJavascriptTranslationTest Functional tests for JavaScript parsing for translatable strings.
LocaleLanguageNegotiationInfoFunctionalTest Functional test for language types/negotiation info.
LocaleLanguageSwitchingFunctionalTest Functional tests for the language switching feature.
LocaleLibraryInfoAlterTest Tests localization of the JavaScript libraries.
LocaleMultilingualFieldsFunctionalTest Functional test for multilingual fields.
LocalePathFunctionalTest Functional tests for configuring a different URL alias per language.
LocalePluralFormatTest Tests plural index computation functionality.
LocaleStringIsSafeTest Tests locale translation safe string handling.
LocaleTranslationFunctionalTest Functional test for string translation and validation.
LocaleUILanguageNegotiationTest Test UI language negotiation
LocaleUninstallFrenchFunctionalTest Locale uninstall with French UI functional test.
LocaleUninstallFunctionalTest Locale uninstall with English UI functional test.
LocaleUrlRewritingTest Test that URL rewriting works as expected.
LocaleUserCreationTest Functional test for language handling during user creation.
LocaleUserLanguageFunctionalTest Functional tests for a user's ability to change their default language.