1 locale.module locale_get_plural($count, $langcode = NULL)

Returns plural form index for a specific number.

The index is computed from the formula of this language.


$count: Number to return plural for.

$langcode: Optional language code to translate to a language other than what is used to display the page.

Return value

The numeric index of the plural variant to use for this $langcode and: $count combination or -1 if the language was not found or does not have a plural formula.


core/modules/locale/locale.module, line 664
Add language handling functionality and enables the translation of the user interface to languages other than English.


function locale_get_plural($count, $langcode = NULL) {
  global $language;

  // Used to locally cache the plural formulas for all languages.
  $plural_formulas = &backdrop_static(__FUNCTION__, array());
  // Used to store pre-computed plural indexes corresponding to numbers
  // individually for each language.
  $plural_indexes = &backdrop_static(__FUNCTION__ . ':plurals', array());

  $langcode = $langcode ? $langcode : $language->langcode;

  if (!isset($plural_indexes[$langcode][$count])) {
    // Retrieve and statically cache the plural formulas for all languages.
    if (empty($plural_formulas)) {
      $plural_formulas = state_get('locale_translation_plurals', array());
    // If there is a plural formula for the language, evaluate it for the given
    // $count and statically cache the result for the combination of language
    // and count, since the result will always be identical.
    if (!empty($plural_formulas[$langcode]['formula'])) {
      // $n is used inside the expression in the eval().
      $n = $count;
      $plural_indexes[$langcode][$count] = @eval('return intval(' . $plural_formulas[$langcode]['formula'] . ');');
    // In case there is no plural formula for English (no imported translation
    // for English), use a default formula.
    elseif ($langcode == 'en') {
      $plural_indexes[$langcode][$count] = (int) ($count != 1);
    // Otherwise, return -1 (unknown).
    else {
      $plural_indexes[$langcode][$count] = -1;
  return $plural_indexes[$langcode][$count];