Namesort descending Description
locale_form_redirect_edit_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() on behalf of locale.module.
redirect_access Determine whether the current user may perform the given operation on the specified redirect.
redirect_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
redirect_can_redirect Check the ability to perform redirects with the current request context.
redirect_compare_array_recursive Compare that all values and associations in one array match another array.
redirect_config_info Implements hook_config_info()
redirect_cron Implements hook_cron().
redirect_delete Delete a single URL redirect.
redirect_delete_by_entity_path Delete an entity URL alias and any of its sub-paths.
redirect_delete_by_path Delete any redirects associated with a path or any of its sub-paths.
redirect_delete_multiple Delete multiple URL redirects.
redirect_entity_delete Implements hook_entity_delete().
redirect_entity_type_supports_redirects Check if an entity type supports redirects.
redirect_exit Implements hook_exit().
redirect_field_attach_form Implements hook_field_attach_form().
redirect_get_current_redirect Attempt to find redirect from current path, query string, and language code.
redirect_get_redirect_operations Fetch an array of redirect bulk operations.
redirect_goto Redirect callback; perform an URL redirect.
redirect_hash Create a redirect hash.
redirect_hook_info Implements hook_hook_info().
redirect_init Implements hook_init().
redirect_load Load an URL redirect from the database.
redirect_load_by_hash Load an URL redirect from the database by {redirect}.hash.
redirect_load_by_source Load multiple URL redirects from the database by {redirect}.source.
redirect_load_multiple Load multiple URL redirects from the database.
redirect_menu Implements hook_menu().
redirect_page_cache_clear Clear a page from the page cache.
redirect_parse_url Parse URLs into component parts: fragment, query, protocol, and URL.
redirect_path_delete Implements hook_path_delete().
redirect_path_insert Implements hook_path_insert().
redirect_path_update Implements hook_path_update().
redirect_permission Implements hook_permission().
redirect_purge_inactive_redirects Purge inactive redirects from the database.
redirect_redirect Perform an URL redirect.
redirect_redirect_delete Implements hook_redirect_delete().
redirect_redirect_insert Implements hook_redirect_insert().
redirect_redirect_operations Implements hook_redirect_operations().
redirect_redirect_update Implements hook_redirect_update().
redirect_save Save an URL redirect.
redirect_set_current_redirect Stores the redirect for the current page request.
redirect_sort_recursive Sort an array recursively.
redirect_status_code_options Return either a status code or array of possible status codes.
redirect_url Build the URL of a redirect for display purposes only.
redirect_url_inbound_alter Implements hook_url_inbound_alter().
redirect_validate Validate a redirect.
redirect_views_api Implements hook_views_api().
_redirect_uasort uasort callback; Compare redirects based on language neutrality and rids.


Namesort descending Description
REDIRECT_ACCESS_ALLOW Modules should return this value from hook_redirect_access() to allow access to a redirect.
REDIRECT_ACCESS_DENY Modules should return this value from hook_redirect_access() to deny access to a redirect.
REDIRECT_ACCESS_IGNORE Modules should return this value from hook_redirect_access() to not affect redirect access.