Provides a HTTP redirect from one Backdrop internal path to another.


Expanded class hierarchy of Redirect


core/modules/redirect/, line 5


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Redirect::$access public property A timestamp of the last time this redirect was accessed.
Redirect::$callback public property The function callback that will execute the redirect.
Redirect::$count public property The total number of times this redirect has been followed.
Redirect::$hash public property Hashes are an alternative ID by which a redirect may be loaded.
Redirect::$is_new public property If this redirect is newly created and not yet saved to the database.
Redirect::$langcode public property The redirect language code.
Redirect::$original public property
Redirect::$redirect public property The path to which the source will be redirected.
Redirect::$redirect_options public property An array of options for the redirect.
Redirect::$rid public property The redirect ID.
Redirect::$source public property The from which the redirect will start.
Redirect::$source_options public property An array of options for the source of the redirect.
Redirect::$status_code public property The redirect status code.
Redirect::$type public property The type of the redirect object. May be:
Redirect::$uid public property The redirect creator ID.
Redirect::delete public function Implements EntityInterface::delete().
Redirect::isNew public function Returns if this redirect is newly created and not yet saved.
Redirect::save public function Save this redirect object.
Redirect::__construct public function Constructor for creating a new redirect.