1 password.inc user_hash_password($password, $count_log2 = 0)

Hash a password using a secure hash.


$password: A plain-text password.

$count_log2: Optional integer to specify the iteration count. Generally used only during mass operations where a value less than the default is needed for speed.

Return value

A string containing the hashed password (and a salt), or FALSE on failure.:


core/includes/password.inc, line 210
Secure password hashing functions for user authentication.


function user_hash_password($password, $count_log2 = 0) {
  if (empty($count_log2)) {
    // Use the standard iteration count.
    $count_log2 = settings_get('password_count_log2', BACKDROP_HASH_COUNT);
  return _password_crypt('sha512', $password, _password_generate_salt($count_log2));