1 password.test PasswordHashingTest::testPasswordHashing()

Test password hashing.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/password.test, line 21
Provides unit tests for password.inc.


Unit tests for password hashing API.


function testPasswordHashing() {
  // Set a log2 iteration count that is deliberately out of bounds to test
  // that it is corrected to be within bounds.
  $GLOBALS['settings']['password_count_log2'] = 1;
  // Set up a fake $account with a password 'baz', hashed with md5.
  $password = 'baz';
  $account = (object) array('name' => 'foo', 'pass' => md5($password));
  // The md5 password should be flagged as needing an update.
  $this->assertTrue(user_needs_new_hash($account), 'User with md5 password needs a new hash.');
  // Re-hash the password.
  $old_hash = $account->pass;
  $account->pass = user_hash_password($password);
  $this->assertIdentical(_password_get_count_log2($account->pass), BACKDROP_MIN_HASH_COUNT, 'Re-hashed password has the minimum number of log2 iterations.');
  $this->assertTrue($account->pass != $old_hash, 'Password hash changed.');
  $this->assertTrue(user_check_password($password, $account), 'Password check succeeds.');
  // Since the log2 setting hasn't changed and the user has a valid password,
  // user_needs_new_hash() should return FALSE.
  $this->assertFalse(user_needs_new_hash($account), 'User does not need a new hash.');
  // Increment the log2 iteration to MIN + 1.
  $GLOBALS['settings']['password_count_log2'] = BACKDROP_MIN_HASH_COUNT + 1;
  $this->assertTrue(user_needs_new_hash($account), 'User needs a new hash after incrementing the log2 count.');
  // Re-hash the password.
  $old_hash = $account->pass;
  $account->pass = user_hash_password($password);
  $this->assertIdentical(_password_get_count_log2($account->pass), BACKDROP_MIN_HASH_COUNT + 1, 'Re-hashed password has the correct number of log2 iterations.');
  $this->assertTrue($account->pass != $old_hash, 'Password hash changed again.');
  // Now the hash should be OK.
  $this->assertFalse(user_needs_new_hash($account), 'Re-hashed password does not need a new hash.');
  $this->assertTrue(user_check_password($password, $account), 'Password check succeeds with re-hashed password.');