1 filter.module _filter_url_escape_comments($match, $escape = NULL)

Escapes the contents of HTML comments.

Callback for preg_replace_callback() within _filter_url().


$match: An array containing matches to replace from preg_replace_callback(), whereas $match[1] is expected to contain the content to be filtered.

$escape: (optional) A Boolean indicating whether to escape (TRUE) or unescape comments (FALSE). Defaults to NULL, indicating neither. If TRUE, statically cached $comments are reset.

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core/modules/filter/filter.module, line 2341
Framework for handling the filtering of content.


function _filter_url_escape_comments($match, $escape = NULL) {
  static $mode, $comments = array();

  if (isset($escape)) {
    $mode = $escape;
    if ($escape) {
      $comments = array();

  // Replace all HTML coments with a '<!-- [hash] -->' placeholder.
  if ($mode) {
    $content = $match[1];
    $hash = hash('sha256', $content);
    $comments[$hash] = $content;
    return "<!-- $hash -->";
  // Or replace placeholders with actual comment contents.
  else {
    $hash = $match[1];
    $hash = trim($hash);
    $content = $comments[$hash];
    return "<!--$content-->";