1 dblog.install dblog_update_1003()

Restore the format for dates in the database log.


core/modules/dblog/dblog.install, line 121
Install, update and uninstall functions for the dblog module.


function dblog_update_1003() {
  // The "log_date_format" value may be a pattern or a named format.
  $core_config = config('system.core');
  $log_format = $core_config->get('log_date_format');

  $date_format_config = config('system.date');
  $date_formats = $date_format_config->get('formats');

  // If a named pattern is in use, store its pattern directly.
  if (isset($date_formats[$log_format])) {
    $core_config->set('log_date_format', $date_formats[$log_format]['pattern']);

  // Remove the previously created named format for logging.
  if (isset($date_formats['dblog_date_format'])) {
    $date_format_config->set('formats', $date_formats);