Allows users to change the color scheme of themes.




Namesort descending Description
color_config_create Implements hook_config_create().
color_config_update Implements hook_config_update().
color_css_alter Implements hook_css_alter().
color_custom_theme Implements hook_custom_theme().
color_flush_caches Implements hook_flush_caches().
color_form_system_theme_settings_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
color_get_color_element Creates the render array for a color element.
color_get_info Retrieves the Color module information for a particular theme.
color_get_palette Retrieves the color palette for a particular theme.
color_menu Implements hook_menu().
color_palette_color_value Determines the value for a palette color field.
color_rebuild_settings Rebuild color scheme info.
color_save_configuration Generates the necessary CSS and images based on a color palette.
color_save_preview_settings Callback function to handle saving preview settings to the user's session.
color_scheme_form_submit Form submission handler for color_scheme_form().
color_scheme_form_validate Form validation handler for color_scheme_form().
color_theme Implements hook_theme().
color_url_outbound_alter Implements hook_url_outbound_alter().
color_valid_hexadecimal_string Determines if a hexadecimal CSS color string is valid.
_color_config_save Shared callback used by color_config_create() and hook_config_update().
_color_get_file_path Finds the original file path of a CSS file from the color configuration.
_color_get_theme_from_file Finds which theme a CSS file came from.
_color_hsl2rgb Converts an HSL triplet into RGB.
_color_hue2rgb Helper function for _color_hsl2rgb().
_color_pack Converts an RGB triplet to a hex color.
_color_rewrite_stylesheet Rewrites the stylesheet to match the colors in the palette.
_color_rgb2hsl Converts an RGB triplet to HSL.
_color_save_stylesheet Saves the rewritten stylesheet to disk.
_color_shift Shifts a given color, using a reference pair and a target blend color.
_color_unpack Converts a hex color into an RGB triplet.