Hooks provided by the Entity module.




Namesort descending Description
hook_entity_delete Respond to entity deletion.
hook_entity_info Inform the base system and the Field API about one or more entity types.
hook_entity_info_alter Alter the entity info.
hook_entity_insert Act on entities when inserted.
hook_entity_load Act on entities when loaded.
hook_entity_predelete Act before entity deletion.
hook_entity_prepare_view Act on entities as they are being prepared for view.
hook_entity_presave Act on an entity before it is about to be created or updated.
hook_entity_query_alter Alter or execute an EntityFieldQuery.
hook_entity_update Act on entities when updated.
hook_entity_view Act on entities being assembled before rendering.
hook_entity_view_alter Alter the results of ENTITY_view().
hook_entity_view_mode_alter Change the display mode of an entity that is being displayed.
hook_entity_view_mode_delete Respond to deletion of a display mode.
hook_entity_view_mode_info Describe the display modes for entity types.
hook_entity_view_mode_info_alter Alter the display modes for entity types.
hook_entity_view_mode_insert Respond to creation of a new display mode.
hook_entity_view_mode_presave Act on a display mode before it is created or updated.
hook_entity_view_mode_update Respond to update of a display mode.