1 block.translation.test BlockTranslationTestCase::testTranslateCustomBlock()

Test creating custom block, translate it, and then deleting it.


core/modules/block/tests/block.translation.test, line 49
Tests for translation functionality within block.module.




function testTranslateCustomBlock() {

  // Check if language module was enabled.
  $this->assertTrue(module_exists('language'), 'Language module was enabled successfully.');

  $languages = array(
    'it' => 'italian',
    'fr' => 'french',
    'es' => 'spanish',
    'fi' => 'finnish',
    'nl' => 'dutch',

  // Installing new languages.
  foreach ($languages as $key => $value) {


  // Confirm that the add block link appears on block overview pages.
  $this->assertRaw(l('Add custom block', 'admin/structure/block/add'), 'Add block link is present on block overview page for default theme.');

  // Load the form and check that file uploads are enabled on the body field.

  // Add a new custom block by filling out the input form on the admin/structure/block/add page.
  $block_delta = strtolower($this->randomName(8));
  $custom_block = array();
  $custom_block['info'] = $this->randomName(8);
  $custom_block['delta'] = $block_delta;
  $custom_block['title'] = 'Testblock created in default language';
  $custom_block['body[value]'] = $this->randomName(32);
  $this->backdropPost(NULL, $custom_block, t('Save block'));

  // Confirm that the custom block has been created, and then find its config file
  $this->assertText(t('The block has been created.'), 'Custom block successfully created.');

  // Check to see if the custom block was created by checking that it has a configuration file.
  $custom_block = config_get('block.custom.' . $block_delta);
  $this->assertNotNull($custom_block, 'Custom block found in configuration.');

  // There should not yet be a translation link.
  $this->assertLinkByHref('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/configure', 0, 'Custom block configure link found.');
  $this->assertNoLinkByHref('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/translation', 'Custom block translate link not found when translation disabled.');
  $this->backdropGet('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/translation');
  $this->assertResponse(403, 'Access not allowed to translation page when translation disabled.');
  $this->backdropGet('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/translate/fr');
  $this->assertResponse(403, 'Access not allowed to individual translate page when translation disabled.');

  // Enable language translation by setting a source language.
  $edit = array(
    'default_langcode' => language_default()->langcode,
  $this->backdropPost('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta, $edit, t('Save block'));

  // Verify presence of configure and translate links for custom block.
  $this->assertLinkByHref('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/configure', 0, 'Custom block configure link found.');
  $this->assertLinkByHref('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/translation', 0, 'Custom block translate link found.');

  // Test translation form.
  $this->backdropGet('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/translation');

  // Check if the translation links are set.
  foreach ($languages as $key => $value) {
    $this->assertLinkByHref('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/translate/' . $key, 0, 'Found custom block translate link for ' . $value . '.');

  // Translate the blocks.
  foreach ($languages as $key => $value) {
    $this->backdropGet('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block_delta . '/translate/' . $key);
    // Translate custom block by filling out the input.
    $translated_block = array();
    $translated_block['info'] = $this->randomName(8);
    $translated_block['title'] = 'Testblock translated to ' . $value;
    $translated_block['body[value]'] = $this->randomName(32);
    $this->backdropPost(NULL, $translated_block, t('Save block'));

  // Set the created custom block to a specific region.
  $layout = layout_load('default');
  $layout->addBlock('block', $block_delta, 'sidebar');

  // Confirm that the custom block is being displayed in the default language.
  $this->assertText('Testblock created in default language', 'Custom block successfully being displayed.');

  // Check if the translated blocks appear.
  foreach ($languages as $key => $value) {
    // Set the default language.
    // Get the system config.
    $core_config = config('system.core');
    $core_config->set('language_default', $key);


    // Confirm that the custom block is being displayed in italy.
    $this->assertText('Testblock translated to ' . $value, 'Translated block successfully being displayed in ' . $value . '.');