1 backdrop_web_test_case.php protected BackdropWebTestCase::backdropGet($path, array $options = array(), array $headers = array())

Retrieves a Backdrop path or an absolute path.


$path: Backdrop path or URL to load into internal browser

$options: Options to be forwarded to url().

$headers: An array containing additional HTTP request headers, each formatted as "name: value".

Return value

The retrieved HTML string, also available as $this->backdropGetContent():


core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php, line 2177


Test case for typical Backdrop tests.


protected function backdropGet($path, array $options = array(), array $headers = array()) {
  $options['absolute'] = TRUE;

  // We re-using a CURL connection here. If that connection still has certain
  // options set, it might change the GET into a POST. Make sure we clear out
  // previous options.
  $out = $this->curlExec(array(CURLOPT_HTTPGET => TRUE, CURLOPT_URL => url($path, $options), CURLOPT_NOBODY => FALSE, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER => $headers));
  $this->refreshVariables(); // Ensure that any changes to variables in the other thread are picked up.

  // Replace original page output with new output from redirected page(s).
  if ($new = $this->checkForMetaRefresh()) {
    $out = $new;
  $this->verbose('GET request to: ' . $path .
    '<hr />Ending URL: ' . $this->getUrl() .
    '<hr />' . $out);
  return $out;