1 comment.install comment_update_1008()

Replace comment_subject_field setting with comment_title_options.

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core/modules/comment/comment.install, line 476
Install, update and uninstall functions for the Comment module.


function comment_update_1008() {
  foreach (config_get_names_with_prefix('node.type.') as $config_name) {
    $config = config($config_name);
    $comment_title = $config->get('settings.comment_subject_field');

    // If the old config value has already been removed, do nothing.
    if (is_null($comment_title)) {

    // If comment title was previously enabled, use the custom title option.
    if ($comment_title) {
      $config->set('settings.comment_title_options', 'custom');
    else {
      // Check to see if contrib module comment_hide_subject is installed and
      // preserve the setting to hide comment titles entirely.
      if (module_exists('comment_hide_subject')) {
        $config->set('settings.comment_title_options', 'hidden');
      // Otherwise, the previous behavior was to display an automatically
      // generated title.
      else {
        $config->set('settings.comment_title_options', 'auto');
    // Remove the previous setting.

  // Now disable and uninstall comment_hide_subject contrib module if present.
  if (module_exists('comment_hide_subject')) {
    $path = backdrop_get_path('module', 'comment_hide_subject');
    db_query("DELETE FROM {system} WHERE name = 'comment_hide_subject' AND type = 'module'");
    backdrop_set_message(t('The contributed module <em>Comment Hide Subject</em> is located at %path. The module has been disabled and uninstalled, since its functionality is now provided by Backdrop core. It is recommended that you remove this module from your site.', array('%path' => BACKDROP_ROOT . '/' . $path)), 'warning');