Tests for search.module.





Namesort descending Description
SearchAdvancedSearchForm Indexes content and tests the advanced search form.
SearchBlockTestCase Tests the rendering of the search block.
SearchCommentCountToggleTestCase Tests that comment count display toggles properly on comment status of node
SearchCommentTestCase Test integration searching comments.
SearchConfigSettingsForm Test config page.
SearchEmbedForm Tests that we can embed a form in search results and submit it.
SearchExactTestCase Tests that searching for a phrase gets the correct page count.
SearchExcerptTestCase Tests the search_excerpt() function.
SearchExpressionInsertExtractTestCase Tests search_expression_insert() and search_expression_extract().
SearchKeywordsConditions Tests keywords and conditions.
SearchLanguageTestCase Test node search with multiple languages.
SearchMatchTestCase Indexes content and queries it.
SearchNodeAccessTest Tests node search with node access control.
SearchNumberMatchingTestCase Tests that numbers can be searched, with more complex matching.
SearchNumbersTestCase Tests that numbers can be searched.
SearchPageOverride Tests that hook_search_page runs.
SearchPageText Tests the bike shed text on no results page, and text on the search page.
SearchRankingTestCase Indexes content and tests ranking factors.
SearchSetLocaleTest Tests searching with locale values set.
SearchSimplifyTestCase Test search_simplify() on every Unicode character, and some other cases.
SearchTokenizerTestCase Test the CJK tokenizer.