1 search.module search_expression_extract($expression, $option)

Extracts a module-specific search option from a search expression.

Search options are added using search_expression_insert(), and retrieved using search_expression_extract(). They take the form option:value, and are added to the ordinary keywords in the search expression.


$expression: The search expression to extract from.

$option: The name of the option to retrieve from the search expression.

Return value

The value previously stored in the search expression for option $option,: if any. Trailing spaces in values will not be included.


core/modules/search/search.module, line 930
Enables site-wide keyword searching.


function search_expression_extract($expression, $option) {
  if (preg_match('/(^| )' . $option . ':([^ ]*)( |$)/i', $expression, $matches)) {
    return $matches[2];