1 search.test SearchExpressionInsertExtractTestCase::testInsertExtract()

Tests search_expression_insert() and search_expression_extract().


core/modules/search/tests/search.test, line 956
Tests for search.module.


Tests search_expression_insert() and search_expression_extract().


function testInsertExtract() {
  $base_expression = "mykeyword";
  // Build an array of option, value, what should be in the expression, what
  // should be retrieved from expression.
  $cases = array(
    array('foo', 'bar', 'foo:bar', 'bar'), // Normal case.
    array('foo', NULL, '', NULL), // Empty value: shouldn't insert.
    array('foo', ' ', 'foo:', ''), // Space as value: should insert but retrieve empty string.
    array('foo', '', 'foo:', ''), // Empty string as value: should insert but retrieve empty string.
    array('foo', '0', 'foo:0', '0'), // String zero as value: should insert.
    array('foo', 0, 'foo:0', '0'), // Numeric zero as value: should insert.

  foreach ($cases as $index => $case) {
    $after_insert = search_expression_insert($base_expression, $case[0], $case[1]);
    if (empty($case[2])) {
      $this->assertEqual($after_insert, $base_expression, "Empty insert does not change expression in case $index");
    else {
      $this->assertEqual($after_insert, $base_expression . ' ' . $case[2], "Insert added correct expression for case $index");

    $retrieved = search_expression_extract($after_insert, $case[0]);
    if (!isset($case[3])) {
      $this->assertFalse(isset($retrieved), "Empty retrieval results in unset value in case $index");
    else {
      $this->assertEqual($retrieved, $case[3], "Value is retrieved for case $index");

    $after_clear = search_expression_insert($after_insert, $case[0]);
    $this->assertEqual(trim($after_clear), $base_expression, "After clearing, base expression is restored for case $index");

    $cleared = search_expression_extract($after_clear, $case[0]);
    $this->assertFalse(isset($cleared), "After clearing, value could not be retrieved for case $index");