1 config_obj.test public ConfigObjectTestCase::testConfigObject()


core/modules/simpletest/tests/config_obj.test, line 11


Perform unit tests on the Config objects.


public function testConfigObject() {
  $config = config('config_obj_test.settings');

  // Test getting a config object
  $this->assertTrue(is_object($config) && is_a($config, 'Config'), 'config() returned a Config object.');
  $this->assertFalse($config->isNew(), 'Config object is loaded from storage.');

  // Test reading values from the config object
  $this->assertTrue($config->get('my_integer') === 99, 'Read integer default value from Config.');
  $this->assertTrue($config->get('my_string') === 'foo', 'Read string default value from Config.');
  $array_value = $config->get('my_array');
  $this->assertTrue(is_array($array_value) && count($array_value) == 4, 'Read integer default value from Config.');

  // Test set/get
  $config->set('my_integer', -1);
  $this->assertTrue($config->get('my_integer') === -1, 'Set and read back to same config object');
  $random_string = $this->randomString();
  $config->set('my_new_string', $random_string);
  $this->assertTrue($config->get('my_new_string') === $random_string, 'Add a new setting to an existing object');

  // Test load/save
  $config_copy = config('config_obj_test.settings');
  $this->assertTrue($config_copy->get('my_integer') == 99, 'Second copy does not have new value.');
  $this->assertTrue($config_copy->get('my_integer') == -1, 'Reloaded second copy does have new value.');
  $this->assertTrue($config_copy->get('my_new_string') === $random_string, 'Reloaded second copy has new setting.');

  // Test bulk set
  $new_values = array(
    'my_integer' => 50,
    'my_string' => $this->randomString(),
    'my_array' => array('apple', 'banana', 'orange'),
    'my_new_string' => $this->randomString(),
    'another_new_string' => $this->randomString(),
  foreach ($new_values as $key => $value) {
    $this->assertTrue($config->get($key) == $value, "Bulk set for $key.");

  // Test clearing data from a config object
  $this->assertTrue($config->get('my_integer') == NULL, 'Clear value from config object.');

  // remove from disk
  $config_copy = config('config_obj_test.settings');
  $this->assertTrue($config->get('my_string') === NULL, 'Deleted config object has no data.');
  $this->assertTrue($config_copy->get('my_string') === NULL, 'Reloading deleted config object clears data.');
  $this->assertTrue($config_copy->get('my_new_string') === NULL, 'Reverted copy is missing previously added values.');