Install, update and uninstall functions for the image module.




Namesort descending Description
image_field_schema Implements hook_field_schema().
image_install Implements hook_install().
image_requirements Implements hook_requirements() to check the PHP GD Library.
image_uninstall Implements hook_uninstall().
image_update_1000 Provide default image styles for the Image module.
image_update_1001 Convert available database image styles to configuration files.
image_update_1002 Drop image tables that were converted to configuration files.
image_update_1003 Add labels to all available styles.
image_update_1004 Update all image fields to use a static default image URI.
image_update_1005 Rename image config files.
image_update_1006 Add the configuration option for image_style_flood_limit.
image_update_1007 Update from Image size to more specific Image dimensions.
image_update_1008 Uninstall the imagecache_token contrib module, now part of core.
image_update_dependencies Implements hook_update_dependencies().
_image_update_1004 Helper function to update an image field or instance's default image.