Hooks provided by the User module.




Namesort descending Description
hook_user_cancel Act on user account cancellations.
hook_user_cancel_methods_alter Modify account cancellation methods.
hook_user_delete Respond to user deletion.
hook_user_flood_control Respond to user flood control events.
hook_user_format_name_alter Alter the username that is displayed for a user.
hook_user_insert Respond to creation of a new user account.
hook_user_load Act on user objects when loaded from the database.
hook_user_login The user just logged in.
hook_user_logout The user just logged out.
hook_user_password_reject_weak_alter Alter the requirement for rejecting weak passwords.
hook_user_predelete Act before user deletion.
hook_user_presave Act on a user account being inserted or updated.
hook_user_role_delete Respond to user role deletion.
hook_user_role_insert Respond to creation of a new user role.
hook_user_role_presave Act on a user role being inserted or updated.
hook_user_role_update Respond to updates to a user role.
hook_user_update Respond to updates to a user account.
hook_user_view The user's account information is being displayed.
hook_user_view_alter The user was built; the module may modify the structured content.