1 node.admin.inc node_mass_update($nodes, $updates)

Updates all nodes in the passed-in array with the passed-in field values.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This function is intended to work when called from a form submission handler. Calling it outside of the form submission process may not work correctly.


array $nodes: Array of node nids to update.

array $updates: Array of key/value pairs with node field names and the value to update that field to.

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core/modules/node/node.admin.inc, line 45
Admin page callbacks for the Node module.


function node_mass_update($nodes, $updates) {
  // We use batch processing to prevent timeout when updating a large number
  // of nodes.
  if (count($nodes) > 10) {
    $batch = array(
      'operations' => array(
        array('_node_mass_update_batch_process', array($nodes, $updates))
      'finished' => '_node_mass_update_batch_finished',
      'title' => t('Processing'),
      // We use a single multi-pass operation, so the default
      // 'Remaining x of y operations' message will be confusing here.
      'progress_message' => '',
      'error_message' => t('The update has encountered an error.'),
      // The operations do not live in the .module file, so we need to
      // tell the batch engine which file to load before calling them.
      'file' => backdrop_get_path('module', 'node') . '/node.admin.inc',
  else {
    foreach ($nodes as $nid) {
      _node_mass_update_helper($nid, $updates);
    backdrop_set_message(t('The update has been performed.'));