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Tests for file.module.




Namesort descending Description
FileAccessFunctionsAlignedTestCase Tests that file_access and File::access are in sync with what they return.
FileAccessTestCase Tests the file entity access API.
FileAdminTestCase Test file administration page functionality.
FileAttributeOverrideTestCase Tests overriding file attributes.
FileChangeSchemeTestCase Test changing the scheme of a file.
FileEditTestCase Tests editing existing file entities.
FileFieldAnonymousSubmission Confirm that file field submissions work correctly for anonymous visitors.
FileFieldDisplayTestCase Tests that formatters are working properly.
FileFieldPathTestCase Tests that files are uploaded to proper locations.
FileFieldRevisionTestCase Tests file handling with node revisions.
FileFieldValidateTestCase Tests various validations.
FileFieldWidgetTestCase Tests file field widget.
FileFileTypeClassificationTestCase Tests file type classification functionality.
FileManagedFileElementTestCase Tests the 'managed_file' element type.
FilePrivateTestCase Tests file access on private nodes.
FileReplaceTestCase Tests replacing the file associated with a file entity.
FileTaxonomyTermTestCase Tests adding a file to a non-node entity.
FileTestHelper Provides methods specifically for testing File module's field handling.
FileTokenReplaceTestCase Tests the file token replacement in strings.
FileTypeTestCase Tests adding support for bundles to the core 'file' entity.
FileUnitTestCase Tests basic file entity functionality.
FileUploadWizardTestCase Tests creating new file entities through the file upload wizard.
FileUsageTestCase Tests the file usage page.