Exposes global functionality for creating image styles.




Namesort descending Description
image_config_info Implements hook_config_info().
image_default_style_revert Revert the changes made by users to a default image style.
image_effect_apply Given an image object and effect, perform the effect on the file.
image_effect_definitions Pull in image effects exposed by modules implementing hook_image_effect_info().
image_effect_definition_load Load the definition for an image effect.
image_effect_delete Delete an image effect.
image_effect_load Load a single image effect.
image_effect_save Save an image effect.
image_field_delete_field Implements hook_field_delete_field().
image_field_delete_instance Implements hook_field_delete_instance().
image_field_update_field Implements hook_field_update_field().
image_field_update_instance Implements hook_field_update_instance().
image_file_download Implements hook_file_download().
image_file_move Implements hook_file_move().
image_file_predelete Implements hook_file_predelete().
image_filter_keyword Accept a keyword (center, top, left, etc) and return it as a pixel offset.
image_form_system_file_system_settings_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
image_image_style_delete Implements hook_image_style_delete().
image_image_style_save Implements hook_image_style_save().
image_menu Implements hook_menu().
image_path_flush Clear cached versions of a specific file in all styles.
image_permission Implements hook_permission().
image_styles Get an array of all styles and their settings.
image_style_add_allowed_uri Add an image style URI to the allowlist.
image_style_create_derivative Creates a new image derivative based on an image style.
image_style_delete Delete an image style.
image_style_deliver Menu callback; Given a style and image path, generate a derivative.
image_style_flood_lock_name Check available image style locks to see if any are available.
image_style_flush Flush cached media for a style.
image_style_get_allowed_uris Get a list of all allowed URIs for image styles.
image_style_load Load a style by style name or ID. May be used as a loader for menu items.
image_style_options Get an array of image styles suitable for using as select list options.
image_style_path Return the URI of an image when using a style.
image_style_path_token Deprecated This function was never included in Backdrop. See:
image_style_remove_allowed_uri Remove an image style URI from the allowlist.
image_style_save Save an image style.
image_style_save_allowed_uris Shutdown callback used to save the allowlist of requested image styles.
image_style_transform_dimensions Determines the dimensions of the styled image.
image_style_url Return the URL for an image derivative given a style and image path.
image_system_file_system_settings_submit Submit handler for the file system settings form.
image_theme Implements hook_theme().
image_views_api Implements hook_views_api().
_image_source_image_exists Checks whether the provided source image exists.


Namesort descending Description
IMAGE_STORAGE_DEFAULT Image style constant for module-defined presets.
IMAGE_STORAGE_MODULE Image style constant to represent any module-based preset.
IMAGE_STORAGE_NORMAL Image style constant for user presets.
IMAGE_STORAGE_OVERRIDE Image style constant for user presets that override module-defined presets.