1 image.module image_effect_load($ieid, $style_name, $include = NULL)

Load a single image effect.


$ieid: The image effect ID.

$style_name: The image style name.

$include: If set, this loader will restrict to a specific type of image style, may be one of the defined Image style storage constants.

Return value

An image effect array, consisting of the following keys::

  • "ieid": The unique image effect ID.
  • "weight": The weight of this image effect within the image style.
  • "name": The name of the effect definition that powers this image effect.
  • "data": An array of configuration options for this image effect.

Besides these keys, the entirety of the image definition is merged into the image effect array. Returns FALSE if the specified effect cannot be found.

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core/modules/image/image.module, line 1246
Exposes global functionality for creating image styles.


function image_effect_load($ieid, $style_name, $include = NULL) {
  if (($style = image_style_load($style_name, $include)) && isset($style['effects'][$ieid])) {
    return $style['effects'][$ieid];
  return FALSE;