1 image.api.php hook_image_style_delete($style)

Respond to image style deletion.

This hook enables modules to update settings when a image style is being deleted. If a style is deleted, a replacement name may be specified in $style['name'] and the style being deleted will be specified in $style['old_name'].


$style: The image style array that being deleted.

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core/modules/image/image.api.php, line 96
Hooks related to image styles and effects.


function hook_image_style_delete($style) {
  // Administrators can choose an optional replacement style when deleting.
  // Update the modules style variable accordingly.
  if (isset($style['old_name']) && $style['old_name'] == config_get('my_module.settings', 'image_style')) {
    config_set('my_module.settings', 'image_style', $style['name']);