1 image_example.module image_example_image_style_delete($style)

Implements hook_image_style_delete().

This hook allows modules to respond to image styles being deleted.

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modules/examples/image_example/image_example.module, line 93
Hooks implementations for the Image Example module.


function image_example_image_style_delete($style) {
  // See information about $style parameter in documentation for
  // image_example_style_save().
  // Update the modules variable that contains the name of the image style
  // being deleted to the name of the replacement style.
  if (isset($style['old_name']) && $style['old_name'] == config_get('image_example.settings', 'image_example_style_name')) {
    config_set('image_example.settings', 'image_example_style_name', $style['name']);