Attach custom data fields to Backdrop entities.




Namesort descending Description
field_access Determine whether the user has access to a given field.
field_associate_fields Allows a module to update the database for fields and columns it controls.
field_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
field_block_info Implements hook_block_info().
field_bundle_settings Gets or sets administratively defined bundle settings.
field_cache_clear Clear the field info and field data caches.
field_config_create Implements hook_config_create().
field_config_create_validate Implements hook_config_create_validate().
field_config_delete Implements hook_config_delete().
field_config_delete_validate Implements hook_config_delete_validate().
field_config_info Implements hook_config_info().
field_config_label_bundle Given a bundle config file, display a unique label.
field_config_label_instance Given a field array, display a unique label.
field_config_update Implements hook_config_update().
field_config_update_validate Implements hook_config_update_validate().
field_cron Implements hook_cron().
field_entity_view_mode_delete Implements hook_entity_view_mode_delete().
field_entity_view_mode_insert Implements hook_entity_view_mode_insert().
field_entity_view_mode_update Implements hook_entity_view_mode_update().
field_extract_bundle Helper function to extract the bundle name of from a bundle object.
field_extra_fields_get_display Returns the display settings to use for pseudo-fields in a display mode.
field_field_display_alter Implements hook_field_display_alter().
field_filter_xss Like filter_xss_admin(), but with a shorter list of allowed tags.
field_flush_caches Implements hook_flush_caches().
field_get_block_list Helper function to build a list of fields that have been made available as a block.
field_get_default_value Helper function to get the default value for a field on an entity.
field_get_display Returns the display settings to use for an instance in a given display mode.
field_get_items Returns the field items in the language they currently would be displayed.
field_get_value Returns the first value from a field.
field_get_values Returns all values from a field.
field_has_data Determine whether a field has any data.
field_modules_disabled Implements hook_modules_disabled().
field_modules_enabled Implements hook_modules_enabled().
field_permission Implements hook_permission().
field_sync_field_status Refreshes the 'active' and 'storage[active]' properties on fields.
field_system_info_alter Implements hook_system_info_alter().
field_theme Implements hook_theme().
field_views_api Implements hook_views_api().
field_view_field Returns a renderable array for the value of a single field in an entity.
field_view_mode_settings Returns display mode settings in a given bundle.
field_view_value Returns a renderable array for a single field value.
_field_create_entity_from_ids Assembles a partial entity structure with initial IDs.
_field_extra_fields_pre_render Pre-render callback to adjust weights and visibility of non-field elements.
_field_filter_items Helper function to filter out empty field values.
_field_filter_xss_allowed_tags List of tags allowed by field_filter_xss().
_field_filter_xss_display_allowed_tags Human-readable list of tags allowed tags by field_filter_xss(), for display in help texts.
_field_sort_items Helper function to sort items in a field according to user drag-n-drop reordering.
_field_sort_items_helper Sort function for items order. (copied form element_sort(), which acts on #weight keys)
_field_sort_items_value_helper Same as above, using ['_weight']['#value']


Namesort descending Description
FIELD_BEHAVIOR_CUSTOM Value for field API indicating a widget can receive several field values.
FIELD_BEHAVIOR_DEFAULT Value for field API concerning widget default and multiple value settings.
FIELD_BEHAVIOR_NONE Value for field API indicating a widget doesn't accept default values.
FIELD_CARDINALITY_UNLIMITED Value for field API indicating a field accepts an unlimited number of values.
FIELD_LOAD_CURRENT Age argument for loading the most recent version of an entity's field data with field_attach_load().
FIELD_LOAD_REVISION Age argument for loading the version of an entity's field data specified in the entity with field_attach_load().