Retrieves entities matching a given set of conditions.

This class allows finding entities based on entity properties (for example, node->changed), field values, and generic entity meta data (bundle, entity type, entity ID, and revision ID). It is not possible to query across multiple entity types. For example, there is no facility to find published nodes written by users created in the last hour, as this would require querying both node->status and user->created.

Normally we would not want public properties on the object, as that could allow the object's state to become inconsistent. However, this class's standard use case involves primarily code that does need to have direct access to the collected properties in order to handle alternate execution routines. We therefore use public properties for simplicity. Note that code that is creating and running a field query should still use the appropriate methods to add conditions on the query.

Storage engines are not required to support every type of query. By default, an EntityFieldQueryException will be raised if an unsupported condition is specified or if the query has field conditions or sorts that are stored in different field storage engines. However, this logic can be overridden in hook_entity_query_alter().

Also note that this query does not automatically respect entity access restrictions. Node access control is performed by the SQL storage engine but other storage engines might not do this.


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Entity query API.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
EntityFieldQuery::$age public property Flag indicating whether this is querying current or all revisions.
EntityFieldQuery::$altered public property TRUE if the query has already been altered, FALSE if it hasn't.
EntityFieldQuery::$count public property TRUE if this is a count query, FALSE if it isn't.
EntityFieldQuery::$deleted public property Query behavior for deleted data.
EntityFieldQuery::$entityConditions public property Associative array of entity-generic metadata conditions.
EntityFieldQuery::$executeCallback public property The method executing the query, if it is overriding the default.
EntityFieldQuery::$fieldConditions public property List of field conditions.
EntityFieldQuery::$fieldMetaConditions public property List of field meta conditions (language and delta).
EntityFieldQuery::$fields public property A list of field arrays used.
EntityFieldQuery::$metaData public property A list of metadata added to this query.
EntityFieldQuery::$order public property List of order clauses.
EntityFieldQuery::$orderedResults public property The ordered results.
EntityFieldQuery::$pager public property The query pager data.
EntityFieldQuery::$propertyConditions public property List of property conditions.
EntityFieldQuery::$range public property The query range.
EntityFieldQuery::$tags public property A list of the tags added to this query.
EntityFieldQuery::addCondition public function Adds a condition to an already built SelectQuery (internal function).
EntityFieldQuery::addFieldCondition protected function Adds the given condition to the proper condition array.
EntityFieldQuery::addMetaData public function Adds additional metadata to the query.
EntityFieldQuery::addTag public function Adds a tag to the query.
EntityFieldQuery::age public function Queries the current or every revision.
EntityFieldQuery::count public function Sets the query to be a count query only.
EntityFieldQuery::deleted public function Filters on the data being deleted.
EntityFieldQuery::entityCondition public function Adds a condition on entity-generic metadata.
EntityFieldQuery::entityOrderBy public function Orders the result set by entity-generic metadata.
EntityFieldQuery::execute public function Executes the query.
EntityFieldQuery::fieldCondition public function Adds a condition on field values.
EntityFieldQuery::fieldDeltaCondition public function Adds a condition on the field delta column.
EntityFieldQuery::fieldLanguageCondition public function Adds a condition on the field language column.
EntityFieldQuery::fieldOrderBy public function Orders the result set by a given field column.
EntityFieldQuery::finishQuery function Finishes the query.
EntityFieldQuery::initializePager function Gets the total number of results and initialize a pager for the query.
EntityFieldQuery::pager public function Enables a pager for the query.
EntityFieldQuery::propertyCondition public function Adds a condition on an entity-specific property.
EntityFieldQuery::propertyOrderBy public function Orders the result set by an entity-specific property.
EntityFieldQuery::propertyQuery protected function Queries entity tables in SQL for property conditions and sorts.
EntityFieldQuery::queryCallback public function Determines the query callback to use for this entity query.
EntityFieldQuery::range public function Restricts a query to a given range in the result set.
EntityFieldQuery::RETURN_ALL constant Indicates that both deleted and non-deleted fields should be returned.
EntityFieldQuery::tableSort public function Enables sortable tables for this query.