1 tablesort.inc tablesort_get_sort($headers)

Determines the current sort direction.


$headers: An array of column headers in the format described in theme_table().

Return value

The current sort direction ("asc" or "desc").:


core/includes/tablesort.inc, line 147
Functions to aid in the creation of sortable tables.


function tablesort_get_sort($headers) {
  if (isset($_GET['sort'])) {
    return (strtolower($_GET['sort']) == 'desc') ? 'desc' : 'asc';
  // The user has not specified a sort. Use the default for the currently sorted
  // header if specified; otherwise use "asc".
  else {
    // Find out which header is currently being sorted.
    $ts = tablesort_get_order($headers);
    foreach ($headers as $header) {
      if (is_array($header) && isset($header['data']) && $header['data'] == $ts['name'] && isset($header['sort'])) {
        return $header['sort'];
  return 'asc';