Admin page callbacks for the Field UI module.




Namesort descending Description
field_ui_default_value_widget Builds the default value fieldset for a given field instance.
field_ui_display_form Form constructor for the field display settings for a given display mode.
field_ui_display_form_submit Form submission handler for field_ui_display_form().
field_ui_display_overview Form constructor for the field display settings for a given display mode.
field_ui_display_overview_multistep_js Ajax handler: Handles multistep buttons in field_ui_display_overview_form().
field_ui_display_overview_multistep_submit Form submission handler for buttons in field_ui_display_overview_form().
field_ui_display_overview_row_region Returns the region to which a row in the 'Manage displays' screen belongs.
field_ui_existing_field_options Returns an array of existing fields to be added to a bundle.
field_ui_fields_list Page callback: Lists all defined fields for quick reference.
field_ui_field_delete_form Form constructor for removing a field instance from a bundle.
field_ui_field_delete_form_submit Form submission handler for field_ui_field_delete_form().
field_ui_field_edit_form Form constructor for the field instance settings form.
field_ui_field_edit_form_delete_submit Form submission handler for 'Delete' button in field_ui_field_edit_form().
field_ui_field_edit_form_submit Form submission handler for field_ui_field_edit_form().
field_ui_field_edit_form_validate Form validation handler for field_ui_field_edit_form().
field_ui_field_edit_instance_pre_render Render API callback: Merges instance, widget and other settings.
field_ui_field_overview_form Form constructor for the 'Manage fields' form of a bundle.
field_ui_field_overview_form_submit Form submission handler for field_ui_field_overview_form().
field_ui_field_overview_form_validate Form validation handler for field_ui_field_overview_form().
field_ui_field_overview_row_region Returns the region to which a row in the 'Manage fields' screen belongs.
field_ui_field_settings_form Form constructor for the field settings edit page.
field_ui_field_settings_form_submit Form submission handler for field_ui_field_settings_form().
field_ui_field_type_options Returns an array of field_type options.
field_ui_formatter_options Returns an array of formatter options for a field type.
field_ui_get_destinations Extracts next redirect path from an array of multiple destinations.
field_ui_inactive_message Displays a message listing the inactive fields of a given bundle.
field_ui_manage_display_title Title callback: Gets the display mode name.
field_ui_next_destination Returns the next redirect path in a multipage sequence.
field_ui_table_pre_render Render API callback: Performs pre-render tasks on field_ui_table elements.
field_ui_view_mode_delete_form Form builder: Delete a display mode.
field_ui_view_mode_delete_form_submit Submit handler for field_ui_view_mode_delete_form().
field_ui_view_mode_enable Menu callback: Enables the manage displays UI for a display mode.
field_ui_view_mode_enable_access Access callback: Checks the users access and token to enable a display mode.
field_ui_view_mode_form Form builder: Add or edit a display mode name.
field_ui_view_mode_form_submit Submit handler for field_ui_view_mode_form().
field_ui_view_mode_reset_form Confirm form: Resets a display mode to using the default display.
field_ui_view_mode_reset_form_submit Submit handler for field_ui_view_mode_reset_form().
field_ui_widget_type_form Form constructor for the widget selection form.
field_ui_widget_type_form_submit Form submission handler for field_ui_widget_type_form().
field_ui_widget_type_options Returns an array of widget type options for a field type.
_field_ui_add_default_view_mode_settings Populates display settings for a new display mode from the default display mode.
_field_ui_field_name_exists Render API callback: Checks if a field machine name is taken.
_field_ui_field_overview_form_validate_add_existing Validates the 'add existing field' row of field_ui_field_overview_form().
_field_ui_field_overview_form_validate_add_new Validates the 'add new field' row of field_ui_field_overview_form().
_field_ui_reduce_order Determines the rendering order of an array representing a tree.