1 field_ui.admin.inc field_ui_field_overview_row_region($row)

Returns the region to which a row in the 'Manage fields' screen belongs.

This function is used as a #region_callback in field_ui_field_overview_form(). It is called during field_ui_table_pre_render().


core/modules/field_ui/field_ui.admin.inc, line 148
Admin page callbacks for the Field UI module.


function field_ui_field_overview_row_region($row) {
  switch ($row['#row_type']) {
    case 'field':
    case 'extra_field':
      return 'main';
    case 'add_new_field':
      // If no input in 'label', assume the row has not been dragged out of the
      // 'add new' section.
      return (!empty($row['label']['#value']) ? 'main' : 'add_new');