1 field.crud.inc field_read_instance($entity_type, $field_name, $bundle, $include_additional = array())

Reads a single instance record from the database.

Generally, you should use field_info_instance() instead, as it provides caching and allows other modules the opportunity to append additional formatters, widgets, and other information.


$entity_type: The type of entity to which the field is bound.

$field_name: The field name to read.

$bundle: The bundle to which the field is bound.

array $include_additional: The default behavior of this function is to not return an instance that has been deleted, or whose field is inactive. Setting $include_additional['include_inactive'] or $include_additional['include_deleted'] to TRUE will override this behavior.

Return value

An instance structure, or FALSE.:

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core/modules/field/field.crud.inc, line 721
Field CRUD API, handling field and field instance creation and deletion.


function field_read_instance($entity_type, $field_name, $bundle, $include_additional = array()) {
  $instances = field_read_instances(array('entity_type' => $entity_type, 'field_name' => $field_name, 'bundle' => $bundle), $include_additional);
  return $instances ? current($instances) : FALSE;