1 field.form.inc field_form_get_state($parents, $field_name, $langcode, &$form_state)

Retrieves processing information about a field from $form_state.


$parents: The array of #parents where the field lives in the form.

$field_name: The field name.

$langcode: The language in which the field values are entered.

$form_state: The form state.

Return value

An array with the following key/data pairs::

  • field: the field definition array,
  • instance: the field instance definition array,
  • items_count: the number of widgets to display for the field,
  • array_parents: the location of the field's widgets within the $form structure. This entry is populated at '#after_build' time.
  • errors: the array of field validation errors reported on the field. This entry is populated at field_attach_form_validate() time.

See also



core/modules/field/field.form.inc, line 441
Field forms management.


function field_form_get_state($parents, $field_name, $langcode, &$form_state) {
  $form_state_parents = _field_form_state_parents($parents, $field_name, $langcode);
  return backdrop_array_get_nested_value($form_state, $form_state_parents);