Field forms management.




Namesort descending Description
field_add_more_js Ajax callback in response to a new empty widget being added to the form.
field_add_more_submit Submit handler for the "Add another" button of a field form.
field_default_form Creates a form element for a field and can populate it with a default value.
field_default_form_errors Transfer field-level validation errors to widgets.
field_form_element_after_build #after_build callback for field elements in a form.
field_form_get_state Retrieves processing information about a field from $form_state.
field_form_set_state Stores processing information about a field in $form_state.
field_multiple_value_form Special handling to create form elements for multiple values.
field_widget_field Retrieves the field definition for a widget's helper callbacks.
field_widget_instance Retrieves the instance definition array for a widget's helper callbacks.
_field_form_state_parents Returns the location of processing information within $form_state.