1 pager.inc pager_find_page($element = 0)

Returns the current page being requested for display within a pager.


$element: An optional integer to distinguish between multiple pagers on one page.

Return value

The number of the current requested page, within the pager represented by: $element. This is determined from the URL query parameter $_GET['page'], or 0 by default. Note that this number may differ from the actual page being displayed. For example, if a search for "example text" brings up three pages of results, but a users visits search/node/example+text?page=10, this function will return 10, even though the default pager implementation adjusts for this and still displays the third page of search results at that URL.

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core/includes/pager.inc, line 25
Functions to aid in presenting database results as a set of pages.


function pager_find_page($element = 0) {
  $page = isset($_GET['page']) ? $_GET['page'] : '';
  $page_array = explode(',', $page);
  if (!isset($page_array[$element])) {
    $page_array[$element] = 0;
  return (int) $page_array[$element];