Content type editing user interface.




Namesort descending Description
node_node_type_load Implements hook_node_type_load().
node_node_type_update Implements hook_node_type_update().
node_overview_types Page callback: Displays the content type admin overview page.
node_type_delete_confirm Menu callback; delete a single content type.
node_type_delete_confirm_submit Process content type delete confirm submissions.
node_type_form Form constructor for the node type editing form.
node_type_form_delete Form submission handler for node_type_form().
node_type_form_permissions Builds a matrix of node permissions for this node type.
node_type_form_submit Form submission handler for node_type_form().
node_type_form_validate Form validation handler for node_type_form().
node_type_reset Resets relevant fields of a module-defined node type to their default values.
_node_characters Helper function for teaser length choices.