Admin page callbacks for the User module.




Namesort descending Description
user_admin_permissions Menu callback: administer permissions.
user_admin_permissions_submit Save permissions selected on the administer permissions page.
user_admin_role Form to add or configure a single role.
user_admin_roles Form to re-order roles.
user_admin_roles_order_submit Form submit function. Update the role weights.
user_admin_role_delete_confirm Form to confirm role delete operation.
user_admin_role_delete_confirm_submit Form submit handler for user_admin_role_delete_confirm().
user_admin_role_submit Form submit handler for the user_admin_role() form.
user_admin_settings Form builder; Configure user settings for this site.
user_admin_settings_submit Form submission handler for user_admin_settings().
user_login_settings Login settings form.
user_multiple_cancel_confirm Form builder; Cancel multiple accounts at the same time.
user_multiple_cancel_confirm_submit Submit handler for mass-account cancellation form.
user_settings_email Form builder; Configure user email settings for this site.
user_settings_email_submit Form submission handler for user_settings_email().