Language Negotiation API.

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Namesort descending Description
language_fallback_get_candidates Returns the possible fallback languages ordered by language weight.
language_from_default Returns the default language negotiation provider.
language_negotiation_get Checks whether a language negotiation provider is enabled for a language type.
language_negotiation_get_any Checks if the language negotiation provider is enabled for any language type.
language_negotiation_get_switch_links Returns the language switch links for the given language.
language_negotiation_info Returns all the defined language negotiation providers.
language_negotiation_order Get the language negotiator provider order for a language type.
language_negotiation_purge Removes any unused language negotiation providers from the configuration.
language_negotiation_set Saves a list of language negotiation providers.
language_provider_invoke Helper function used to cache the language negotiation providers results.
language_types_get_configurable Returns only the configurable language types.
language_types_info Returns all the defined language types.
language_types_initialize Chooses a language based on language negotiation provider settings.
language_url_split_prefix Splits the given path into prefix and actual path.


Namesort descending Description
LANGUAGE_NEGOTIATION_DEFAULT No language negotiation. The default language is used.