API functions for processing and sending email.




Namesort descending Description
backdrop_html_to_text Transforms an HTML string into plain text, preserving its structure.
backdrop_mail Composes and optionally sends an email message.
backdrop_mail_system Returns an object that implements the MailSystemInterface interface.
backdrop_wrap_mail Performs format=flowed soft wrapping for mail (RFC 3676).
_backdrop_html_to_mail_urls Keeps track of URLs and replaces them with placeholder tokens.
_backdrop_html_to_text_clean Replaces non-quotation markers from a given piece of indentation with spaces.
_backdrop_html_to_text_pad Pads the last line with the given character.
_backdrop_wrap_mail_line Wraps words on a single line.


Namesort descending Description
MAIL_LINE_ENDINGS Auto-detect appropriate line endings for emails.


Namesort descending Description
MailSystemInterface An interface for pluggable mail back-ends.