Helper module for the Form API tests.




Namesort descending Description
block_form_form_test_alter_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() on behalf of block.module.
form_label_test_form A form for testing form labels and required marks.
form_storage_test_form_continue_submit Form submit handler to continue multi-step form.
form_test_alter_form Form builder for testing hook_form_alter() and hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
form_test_cache_form A simple form for testing form caching.
form_test_checkboxes_radios Form constructor to test expansion of #type checkboxes and radios.
form_test_clicked_button Form builder to test button click detection.
form_test_clicked_button_submit Form submit handler for the form_test_clicked_button() form.
form_test_clicked_button_validate Form validation handler for the form_test_clicked_button() form.
form_test_color Form constructor for testing #type 'color' elements.
form_test_color_submit Form submission handler for form_test_color().
form_test_double_form Menu callback returns two instances of the same form.
form_test_element_validate_name Form element validation handler for 'name' in form_test_validate_form().
form_test_email Form constructor for testing #type 'email' elements.
form_test_email_submit Form submission handler for form_test_email().
form_test_form_alter Implements hook_form_alter().
form_test_form_form_test_alter_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
form_test_form_form_test_state_persist_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
form_test_form_rebuild_preserve_values_form Form builder for testing preservation of values during a rebuild.
form_test_form_rebuild_preserve_values_form_add_more Button submit handler for form_test_form_rebuild_preserve_values_form().
form_test_form_rebuild_preserve_values_form_submit Form submit handler for form_test_form_rebuild_preserve_values_form().
form_test_form_state_values_clean_advanced_form Form constructor for the form_state_values_clean() test.
form_test_form_state_values_clean_advanced_form_submit Form submission handler for form_test_form_state_values_clean_advanced_form().
form_test_form_state_values_clean_form Form builder for form_state_values_clean() test.
form_test_form_state_values_clean_form_submit Form submit handler for form_state_values_clean() test form.
form_test_form_user_register_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() for the registration form.
form_test_h5datetime Form constructor for #type html_date, html_time and html_datetime elements.
form_test_h5datetime_submit Form submission handler for form_test_h5datetime().
form_test_html_id Builds a simple form to test duplicate HTML IDs.
form_test_limit_validation_errors_element_validate_test Form element validation handler for the 'test' element.
form_test_limit_validation_errors_form Builds a simple form with a button triggering partial validation.
form_test_limit_validation_errors_form_partial_submit Form submit handler for the partial validation submit button.
form_test_load_include_custom Menu callback for testing custom form includes.
form_test_menu Implements hook_menu().
form_test_number Builds a form to test #type 'number' and 'range' validation.
form_test_placeholder_test Builds a form to test the placeholder attribute.
form_test_programmatic_form Form builder to test programmatic form submissions.
form_test_programmatic_form_submit Form submit handler for programmatic form submissions.
form_test_programmatic_form_validate Form validation handler for programmatic form submissions.
form_test_redirect Form builder to detect form redirect.
form_test_redirect_submit Form submit handler to test different redirect behaviours.
form_test_select Builds a form to test #type 'select' validation.
form_test_select_submit Form submit handler for form_test_select().
form_test_state_persist Form constructor for testing form state persistence.
form_test_state_persist_submit Submit handler.
form_test_storage_element_validate_value_cached Form element validation handler for 'value' element in form_test_storage_form().
form_test_storage_form A multistep form for testing the form storage.
form_test_storage_form_submit Form submit handler to finish multi-step form.
form_test_storage_legacy_handler Emulate legacy AHAH-style ajax callback.
form_test_storage_page_cache_form A simple form for testing form storage when page caching is enabled.
form_test_storage_page_cache_old_build_id Form element #after_build callback: output the old form build-id.
form_test_storage_page_cache_rebuild Form submit callback: Rebuild the form and continue.
form_test_system_config_form A form to test system_settings_form().
form_test_two_instances Menu callback that returns two instances of the node form.
form_test_url Form constructor for testing #type 'url' elements.
form_test_url_submit Form submission handler for form_test_url().
form_test_user_register_form_rebuild Submit callback that just lets the form rebuild.
form_test_validate_form Form builder for testing backdrop_validate_form().
form_test_validate_form_validate Form validation handler for form_test_validate_form().
form_test_validate_no_token Form builder for testing submission of a form without a CSRF token.
form_test_validate_no_token_submit Form submission handler for form_test_validate_no_token().
form_test_validate_required_form Form constructor to test the #required property.
form_test_validate_required_form_no_title Form constructor to test the #required property without #title.
form_test_validate_required_form_no_title_submit Form submission handler for form_test_validate_required_form_no_title().
form_test_validate_required_form_submit Form submission handler for form_test_validate_required_form().
form_test_validate_select_element_validate An individual element validator used by form_test_validate_required_form().
form_test_wrapper_callback Menu callback; Invokes a form builder function with a wrapper callback.
form_test_wrapper_callback_form Form builder for form wrapper callback test.
form_test_wrapper_callback_wrapper Form wrapper for form_test_wrapper_callback_form().
system_form_form_test_alter_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() on behalf of system.module.
_form_test_checkbox Build a form to test a checkbox.
_form_test_checkbox_submit Return the form values via JSON.
_form_test_disabled_elements Build a form to test disabled elements.
_form_test_disabled_elements_submit Return the form values via JSON.
_form_test_input_forgery Build a form to test input forgery of enabled elements.
_form_test_input_forgery_submit Return the form values via JSON.
_form_test_submit_values_json Form submit handler to return form values as JSON.
_form_test_tableselect_ajax_callback Ajax callback that returns the form element.
_form_test_tableselect_empty_form Test functionality of the tableselect #empty property.
_form_test_tableselect_form_builder Build a form to test the tableselect element.
_form_test_tableselect_get_data Create a header and options array. Helper function for callbacks.
_form_test_tableselect_js_select_form Test functionality of the tableselect #js_select property.
_form_test_tableselect_multiple_false_form Test the tableselect #multiple = FALSE functionality.
_form_test_tableselect_multiple_false_form_submit Process the tableselect #multiple = FALSE submitted values.
_form_test_tableselect_multiple_true_form Test the tableselect #multiple = TRUE functionality.
_form_test_tableselect_multiple_true_form_submit Process the tableselect #multiple = TRUE submitted values.
_form_test_vertical_tabs_form Tests functionality of vertical tabs.