1 user.test UserPictureTestCase::testWithGDinvalidDimension()

Do the test: GD Toolkit is installed Picture has invalid dimension

results: The image should be uploaded because ImageGDToolkit resizes the picture


core/modules/user/tests/user.test, line 1059
Tests for user.module.




function testWithGDinvalidDimension() {
  if ($this->_directory_test && image_get_toolkit()) {

    $image = current($this->backdropGetTestFiles('image'));
    $info = image_get_info($image->uri);

    // Set new variables: invalid dimensions, valid filesize (0 = no limit).
    $test_dim = ($info['width'] - 10) . 'x' . ($info['height'] - 10);
      ->set('user_picture_dimensions', $test_dim)
      ->set('user_picture_file_size', 0)

    $pic_path = $this->saveUserPicture($image);
    // Check that the image was resized and is being displayed on the
    // user's profile page.
    $text = t('The image was resized to fit within the maximum allowed dimensions of %dimensions pixels.', array('%dimensions' => $test_dim));
    $this->assertRaw($text, 'Image was resized.');
    $alt = t("@user's picture", array('@user' => user_format_name($this->user)));
    $style = config_get('system.core', 'user_picture_style');
    $this->assertRaw(image_style_url($style, $pic_path), "Image is displayed in user's edit page");

    // Check if file is located in proper directory.
    $this->assertTrue(is_file($pic_path), "File is located in proper directory");