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Miscellaneous functions for Path module.

This also contains some constants giving human readable names to some numeric settings; they're included here as they're only rarely used outside this file anyway. Use module_load_include('inc', 'path') if the constants need to be available.




Namesort descending Description
path_alias_uniquify Check to ensure a URL alias is unique and add suffix variants if necessary.
path_clean_alias Clean up a URL alias.
path_clean_string Clean up a string segment to be used in an URL alias.
path_clean_token_values Clean tokens so they are URL friendly.
path_generate_entity_alias Apply patterns to create an alias for an entity.
path_punctuation_chars Return an array of arrays for punctuation values.
path_save_automatic_alias Save an automatic alias; replacing or adding aliases based on site settings.
path_save_automatic_entity_alias Update the URL aliases for an individual entity.
_path_clean_separators Trims duplicate, leading, and trailing separators from a string.
_path_get_schema_alias_maxlength Fetch the maximum length of the {url_alias}.alias field from the schema.
_path_is_callback Verify if the given path is a valid menu callback.
_path_load_loosely_by_source Fetches an existing URL alias given a path and optional language.


Namesort descending Description
PATH_CASE_LEAVE_ASIS Case should be left as is in the generated path.
PATH_CASE_LOWER Case should be lowercased in the generated path.
PATH_PUNCTUATION_DO_NOTHING Leave the punctuation as it is in the alias.
PATH_PUNCTUATION_REMOVE Remove the punctuation from the alias.
PATH_PUNCTUATION_REPLACE Replace the punctuation with the separator in the alias.
PATH_UPDATE_ACTION_DELETE "Create a new alias. Delete the old alias."
PATH_UPDATE_ACTION_LEAVE "Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning."
PATH_UPDATE_ACTION_NO_NEW "Do nothing. Leave the old alias intact."