1 path.module path_verbose_message($message = NULL, $messages_enabled = NULL)

Output a helpful message if verbose output is enabled.

Verbose message output is only enabled when:

  • The Path 'verbose' setting is enabled.
  • The current user has the 'notify of path changes' permission.
  • It has not been specifically disabled by setting $messages_enabled to FALSE (as before a bulk operation).


string $message: An optional string of the verbose message to display. This string should already be run through t().

bool $messages_enabled: Disable all messages temporarily for this request by setting to FALSE, or re-enable messages by setting to TRUE.

Return value

TRUE if verbose output is enabled, or FALSE otherwise.:


core/modules/path/path.module, line 1003
Enables users to customize URLs and provide automatic URL alias patterns.


function path_verbose_message($message = NULL, $messages_enabled = NULL) {
  static $verbose;

  if (isset($messages_enabled) && $messages_enabled === FALSE) {
    $verbose = FALSE;

  if (!isset($verbose) || $messages_enabled === TRUE) {
    $verbose = config_get('path.settings', 'verbose') && user_access('notify of path changes');

  if (!$verbose || (isset($op) && in_array($op, array('bulkupdate', 'return')))) {
    return FALSE;

  if ($message) {

  return $verbose;