1 path.inc _path_load_loosely_by_source($source, $langcode = LANGUAGE_NONE)

Fetches an existing URL alias given a path and optional language.


$source: An internal Backdrop path.

$langcode: An optional language code to look up the path in.

Return value

FALSE if no alias was found or an associative array containing the: following keys:

  • pid: Unique URL alias identifier.
  • alias: The URL alias.


core/modules/path/path.inc, line 65
Miscellaneous functions for Path module.


function _path_load_loosely_by_source($source, $langcode = LANGUAGE_NONE) {
  $pid = db_query_range("SELECT pid FROM {url_alias} WHERE source = :source AND langcode IN (:langcode, :language_none) ORDER BY langcode DESC, pid DESC", 0, 1, array(':source' => $source, ':langcode' => $langcode, ':language_none' => LANGUAGE_NONE))->fetchField();
  return path_load(array('pid' => $pid));