Defines date/time field types.




Namesort descending Description
date_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
date_config_info Implements hook_config_info().
date_database_info Temporary helper to re-create equivalent of content_database_info().
date_date_formatter_pre_view_alter Implements hook_date_formatter_view_alter().
date_date_views_extra_tables Implements hook_date_views_extra_tables().
date_date_views_fields Implements hook_date_views_fields().
date_default_format Gets the default date format for the given field widget.
date_element_info Implements hook_element_info().
date_example_date Creates an example date object.
date_field_ui_field_edit_form_pre_render Rearrange form elements into fieldsets for presentation only.
date_field_views_data_alter Implements hook_field_views_data_alter().
date_field_widget_error Implements hook_field_widget_error().
date_field_widget_properties_alter Implements hook_field_widget_properties_alter().
date_formatter_format Retrieve a date format string from formatter settings.
date_formatter_process Helper function for creating formatted date arrays from a formatter.
date_format_type_format Helper function to get the right date format for a format type.
date_format_type_options Creates an array of date format types for use as an options list.
date_form_field_ui_field_edit_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() for field_ui_field_edit_form().
date_form_views_exposed_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() for views_exposed_form().
date_form_views_ui_edit_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() for views_ui_edit_form().
date_granularity Retrieves the granularity for a field.
date_input_date Wrapper function around each of the widget types for creating a date object.
date_menu Implements hook_menu().
date_popup_library_info Implements hook_library_info().
date_prepare_entity Helper function to adapt entity date fields to formatter settings.
date_process_values Helper function to create an array of the date values in a field that need to be processed.
date_theme Implements hook_theme().
date_views_api Implements hook_views_api().
date_views_fields Identify all potential date/timestamp fields and cache the data.
date_views_settings Form callback for date views pager title format settings.
_get_custom_date_format Get a custom date format.