1 date.module date_field_widget_properties_alter(&$widget, $context)

Implements hook_field_widget_properties_alter().

Alters the widget properties of a field instance before it gets displayed. Used here to flag new entities so we can later tell if they need default values.


core/modules/date/date.module, line 629
Defines date/time field types.


function date_field_widget_properties_alter(&$widget, $context) {
  if (in_array($widget['type'], array('date_select', 'date_text', 'date_popup'))) {
    $entity_type = $context['entity_type'];
    $entity = $context['entity'];
    $info = entity_get_info($entity_type);
    $id = $info['entity keys']['id'];
    $widget['is_new'] = FALSE;
    if (empty($entity->$id)) {
      $widget['is_new'] = TRUE;