A class to manipulate date SQL.


Expanded class hierarchy of date_sql_handler


core/modules/date/views/date_sql_handler.inc, line 10
SQL helper for Date API.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
date_sql_handler::arg_granularity function Granularity arguments handler.
date_sql_handler::arg_parts function Parse date parts from an ISO date argument.
date_sql_handler::arg_range function Use the parsed values from the ISO argument to determine the min and max date for this period.
date_sql_handler::arg_replace function Convert strings like '+1 day' to the ISO equivalent, like 'P1D' .
date_sql_handler::complete_date function Create a complete date/time value out of an incomplete array of values.
date_sql_handler::date_parts function An array of all date parts, optionally limited to an array of allowed parts.
date_sql_handler::db_tz_support public function See if the db has timezone name support.
date_sql_handler::format_help function Converts a format string into help text, i.e. 'Y-m-d' becomes 'YYYY-MM-DD'.
date_sql_handler::get_offset public function Return timezone offset for the date being processed.
date_sql_handler::granularity_form function @todo.
date_sql_handler::part_info function Part information.
date_sql_handler::part_is_valid function A function to test the validity of various date parts.
date_sql_handler::set_db_timezone public function Set the database timezone offset.
date_sql_handler::sql_date_math function Adjusts a field value by time interval.
date_sql_handler::sql_extract function Helper function to create cross-database SQL date extraction.
date_sql_handler::sql_field function Helper function to create cross-database SQL dates.
date_sql_handler::sql_format function Helper function to create cross-database SQL date formatting.
date_sql_handler::sql_offset function Adjust a field value by an offset in seconds.
date_sql_handler::sql_tz function Select a date value from the database, adjusting the value for the timezone.
date_sql_handler::sql_where_date function Creates a where clause to compare a complete date field to a date value.
date_sql_handler::sql_where_extract function Creates a where clause comparing an extracted date part to an integer.
date_sql_handler::sql_where_format function Create a where clause to compare a formatted field to a formatted value.
date_sql_handler::views_formats function @todo.
date_sql_handler::__construct public function The object constructor.