1 date_sql_handler.inc date_sql_handler::sql_where_format($format, $field, $operator, $value, $adjustment = NULL)

Create a where clause to compare a formatted field to a formatted value.


string $format: The format to use on the date and the value when comparing them.

string $field: The db table and field name, like "$table.$field".

string $operator: The db comparison operator to use, like '=' .

string $value: The value to compare the extracted date part to, could be a field name or a date string or NOW().

Return value

string: SQL for the where clause for this operation.


core/modules/date/views/date_sql_handler.inc, line 401
SQL helper for Date API.


A class to manipulate date SQL.


function sql_where_format($format, $field, $operator, $value, $adjustment = NULL) {
  if (empty($adjustment) && $this->local_timezone != $this->db_timezone) {
    $field = $this->sql_field($field);
  else {
    $field = $this->sql_field($field, $adjustment);
  return $this->sql_format($format, $field) . " $operator '$value'";