1 date.module date_format_type_format($format_type, $langcode = NULL)

Helper function to get the right date format for a format type.


string $format_type: Name of the date format, for instance "short", "medium" or "long".

string $langcode: Language code provided, for instance "en".

Return value

string: PHP date format pattern for selected or current language, default pattern if no localized variant exists.


core/modules/date/date.module, line 543
Defines date/time field types.


function date_format_type_format($format_type, $langcode = NULL) {
  $static = &backdrop_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if (!isset($static[$langcode][$format_type])) {
    $date_format = system_date_format_load($format_type);

    // Fallback to (undeletable) medium format if the requested one does not
    // exist anymore.
    if (!$date_format) {
      $date_format = system_date_format_load('medium');

    // If no langcode has been provided or only LANGUAGE_NONE, use the current
    // language to determine the correct localized format.
    if (!isset($langcode) || $langcode == LANGUAGE_NONE) {
      global $language;
      $langcode = $language->langcode;

    $format = isset($date_format['locales'][$langcode]) ? $date_format['locales'][$langcode] : $date_format['pattern'];
    $static[$langcode][$format_type] = $format;
  return $static[$langcode][$format_type];